S H O T S

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BRAD                             CHAD                          GRADY


Lead Guitar:Grady

Bass Guitar/V:Brad



"The Shots" are an American rock band formed in Sumter , South Carolina in 2011. After local Lead Guitarist Grady Holland and Rhythm Guitarist /Vocalist Alex Corley met Bassist Brad Barwick and Drummer Chad Barwick through a friend Kevin Landon Osteen . The band's birth was established with a composition of originals that would later be known as 'Alone', 'Live Once' , 'Put Me In The Shade', 'This Life' , 'Never Done A Damn Thing Right' 'What They Want' , 'Remember This' and other singles that have remained hidden for the 2012 album. They have produced a number of 3 demo compilations to date ."The Shots" have used their own management and production skills for most of their recordings,except for the original single "Keep Talking", local artist Christian Gallop produced the single in his studio .The band's music is bass driven and the band has continued to keep their  original style while composing more emotional and heavier music and blending dynamics and energetic feels.  

The band was recognized for their weekly performances at local parties and a local pizzeria "Pizza Lane" in Sumter  in 2011 . Their debut year started off as most likely no different from every other bands first year.. On June 9th 2011 The Shots performed with touring bands (School Boy Humor, The Answered, Taylor Thrash) at the Elk's lodge in their hometown of Sumter. While the show was not a hit, and the mix milked the performance, the band continued to perform locally while composing more originals that would eventually become known as 'Truth For A Nowaday' , 'tell you tomorrow' , 'By God' and, 'Regular' . Continuing on their music fueled path, the band performed at 'Pizza Lane's' weekly open mic show for 9 months straight before taking a break on performing for more attempts at recording new material. Conflict became present months later when Rhythm Guitarist/ Vocalist Alex Corley had difficulties getting to recording sessions and rehearsals due to personal difficulties. Eventually Alex Corley parted from the band on positive terms with the members. 

The Shots searched for a front man lead vocalist for a few weeks before the drummer Chad took the position of singing while playing drums live. The band has offered many of their demos for airplay consideration, but faced rejection. This is not where the band stopped, as the new year settled in, new and older singles were recorded for experimentation for demos. The band would perform wherever whenever for a number of months and afterwards take time off to create,structure, and memorize newer singles. The Shots would then eventually perform at The New Brookland Tavern in Columbia South Carolina on a New Music Night on February 22nd 2012. One month later The Shots performed at Habitat For Humanity's Battle Of The Bands on April 14th 2012, for The Shots this would be no golden day, after the band ran through a random set list in Sumter's Civic Center, the audience had no reaction.  A few days later on April 17th 2012, The Shots returned to the New Brookland Tavern in Columbia South Carolina to perform in a set as a guest band with other local bands Robot Plant & Broken Innocence.  Eventually the drummer Chad would switch to harmony vocals and give the leading vocals part to his twin who could easily mimic the original vocal presence for the band. While the bands style and ways continued to be consistant, so did the music. The Shots would go back to Sumter and create more music for presentation. As couple of months went by the band continued to go back and forth from Sumter to Columbia to further their career via exposure  The band evolved and heavier singles were being created, 'Craving On Booze' was written by Bassist and Front man Brad and it was recorded and composed as well as produced all in the same day. The quality and mix of the band's studio recordings have improved with time as does their experience. Another new powerful song composed, 'Loaded Gun' is inspired by the bands name and trigger happy sound, followed by this new single came the birth of other ones such as "Please", 'Everythings Alright', 'Evaluate' which also contain a verse chorus verse groove approach. The Shots closed out the year by performing at the Pre- Election Day Bash in Columbia at The New Brookland Tavern in November 2012. It was official that the show was the last appearance of the year for The Shots.

In the new year Brad Barwick, Grady Holland, and Chad Barwick halted on recording any material, only to focus on performing live for the bands 2nd year together. Chad Barwick wrote a new song titled 'Walk Strong' while Brad planned out what would eventually be the song 'Lost Again'. The Shots then went on to perform 3rd in the battle of the bands 2013 in Columbia South Carolina at the New Brookland Tavern January 29th where the band performed all their newest heavier songs . The Shots are currently working on making 2013 the door for their opportunity.