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  • Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH Electric Guitar     in 3-Colour Sunburst

  • Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar HH Fiesta Red

  • Behringer Half Stack used in Every Video recorded at The New Brookland Tavern 2012-2013

  • Marshall Half-Stack
  • 400-Watt used In Myrtle Beach at The Sound Hole May 27, 2013 and in Charlotte North Carolina at Tremont music Hall July 20, 2013


  • Ibanez GSR 200 Jewel Blue

  • Epiphone ThunderBird Pro-IV Alpine White

  •  Squier Vintage Jaguar Bass Grey

  • Ampeg 275 Watt HP Half-Stack

  •  Peavey TNT 130 Watt Bass Tube Amplifier used during rehearsals 2014-present

  • 8" × 14" Steel Snare
  • 14" × 15" Rack Tom
  • 16" × 18" Floor Tom
  • 16" × 22" Bass Drum

  • 1988 Tama Rockstar/Swingstar + Piano Black Finish
  • Atomic/ Pearl SS Monochrome Snare Drum

  • Pedals: Dual Iron Cobra Bass Drum Pedals(occasional)+Tama Hp-30 Stage Master Single Bass Drum Pedal

                                        Hardware: Mapex+Pearl+Tama hardware

Cymbals: Zildjian ZBT 15'' Hi-Hats
                                                                                 Sabian B8 Pro 16'' Crash
                                                                                Zildjian ZBT 18'' Rock Crash/ Cambur 14'' 
                                                                                   Zildjian ZBT 20''Ride

  • Version of the Kit Used in the 2014 rehearsals

The Shots original Drum Kit Set Up Used in 2012

  •       Mapex 16'' X  22''  "Name Branded" Bass Drum
  • 14'' X 15'' Vintage Tama Swingstar Rack Tom
  • 16'' X 18'' Vintage Tama Swingstar Floor Tom
  • 16'' X 22'' Mapex "Name Branded" Bass Drum

The Shots are an American hard rock group formed in February 2011 in Sumter, South Carolina. The group was founded by the original line-up , founding and current members Grady Holland(Lead Guitarist), Brad(Bass Guitarist) and Chad Barwick(Drummer). The band is recognized for having random song titles very seldom making any sense. Critics have said the lyrics are barely understandable due to the band's tremendous instrumental volume. The Shots have performed in front of live audiences from Myrtle Beach South Carolina to the New Brookland Tavern in Columbia , South Carolina to Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte North Carolina, over 200 shows have been played to this day considering the group's 2011 Wings & Strings Pizza Lane streak (where The Shots started performing)
The majority of the songs and their titles were composed by Brad and Chad Barwick, except for the majority of the 2011 originals which were heavily driven by Grady Holland's direction and interpretation. Holland is responsible for the chorus harmony and main guitar rift used in "Alone" (The band's first song ever created) "Alone" is still used within the trios sets during live performances, taking the consideration this single is years old.
The group's views on lyrical progressions are derived from their past experiences and lessons learned through hard times, financial problems, world news, economical facts and relationship issues. With Nirvana being their sole major influence to the music, these three men keep the 90's aesthetic alive with their elements of heavily distorted electric guitars, contrasting song dynamics, "growling" vocals and apathetic / angst-filled lyrics.
Like many of their influences, The Shots are also recognized for their unkempt appearances and rejection of theatrics, with the exception of Brad and Chad's "headbanging" dubbed by these two as simply 'rocking out'. While the music characterized by a sludgy guitar sound accompanied by high levels of distortion, fuzz and feedback effects. The Shots also fuse elements of hardcore punk , hard rock music, and heavy metal, although some groups under this genre emphasize heavily on one characteristic or the other. Lyrics are typically angst-filled, often addressing themes such as social alienation, apathy, confinement, and a desire for freedom.
To this day the band is still active, in January 2014 the band decided on a complicated 'break' , after a few more months the band reunited in June still keeping multiple singles from their first recordings.